About Me

Hi, I’m Elisabeth! I’m a first-grade teacher turned boutique owner from a small town in Tennessee where I live with my fella, Eric, and our fur baby, Dexter Dog. I love all things fashion and fell completely in love with a brand called Matilda Jane Clothing several years ago! Little did I know that my love for MJC would turn into an amazing business opportunity that allowed me to start my very own boutique! My job as a teacher and my boutique gig combine to form TeacHer Style.

As my business grew, I decided to branch out with my TeacHer Style On Wheels, a traveling boutique. My goal is to “TeacHer Style”—from babies to ladies—with comfy, versatile, on-trend styles that will help you and your littles feel beautiful and confident in styles you are sure to love! 

Fast forward to December 2022, Matilda Jane Clothing went out of business. I was devastated as it was such a big part of my life. Not only was it a blessing to us income wise, but it was a blessing to me to connect with so many wonderful customers by helping style them and their kiddos. I felt a huge hole in my heart and void without my little business. Fast forward to April 2023, Eric and I decided for me to get my business license and try to find some new joy by getting in some fun things so I could continue making those connections and traveling to events with my little boutique on wheels. My love for a little store from my childhood called, The Book Worm, was the inspiration behind some of my choices for my boutique on wheels. I loved visiting that store as a child. That’s where I would always want to go for special gifts for my friends or if I got to pick something out and I loved how that store made me feel…HAPPY! And that’s my goal, with my little boutique on wheels, to spread HAPPINESS and spark JOY! To make you feel happy when visiting and want to come back because you love how the visit made you feel! I have handpicked unique gifts for girls and tweens, along with some fun accessories for women that you will find in my boutique on wheels. You will also find some of these items online under the SHOP tab for my nonlocal friends.

You can find me with my boutique on wheels at vendor events spreading a little joy and happy with my accessories and gifts.

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